Video: Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden for president

(CNN) Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden during a virtual town hall on Tuesday, putting the support of the Democratic standard bearer from four years ago behind the former vice president and current presumptive presidential nominee.

Clinton touted Biden as a “friend” and a figure who has been “preparing for this moment his entire life,” as she lambasted President Donald Trump as someone who is so ill prepared to be commander in chief that he appears to be just playing the role on television.

“I want to add my voice to the many who have endorsed you to be our president,” Clinton said.

She added, in a nod to the coronavirus, that “this is a moment where we need a leader, a president, like Joe Biden.”

Biden called Clinton a “friend” and thanked her for the “wonderful personal endorsement.”

The former secretary of state’s endorsement was a foregone conclusion — she had said for months that she would back the eventual nominee — but it remains a significant boost for Biden because Clinton still enjoys deep support from an array of Democratic voters. She won over 65 million votes four years ago and has proven to be a prolific fundraiser throughout her political career.

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  1. I only wish that the USA would update their election procedure and get it over with in one day, like for instance Indonesia. Tiriing to have to read about it for months and months, if not years.

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