Coronavirus: Fears of domestic violence, child abuse rise

Source: Euronews

With many support groups and youth services practicing social distancing, child protection agencies are demanding an increase in support on digital platforms, including social media, to keep children and families well-informed of the help that’s available.

“Children must also be addressed and included in information,” says Stefanie Fried from Save the Children Deutschland. “At the moment, children are mainly informed via adults, but those most vulnerable might not be receiving the correct information — especially now that they’re no longer in schools.”

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While supporting the German government’s measures to encourage social distancing, Fried also warned against the long-term difficulties for all families of staying indoors for weeks on end.

“We mustn’t forget that children aren’t adults, they need the room to move, and let off steam. These measures can be upheld for a short while, but then the state needs to reintroduce some kinds of recreational possibilities for families in the fresh air.”


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