A Muslim candidate responded to a man’s Islamophobic tweet by donating to his medical fund – and spurred a friendship

Source: CNN

Qasim Rashid donated to Oscar Dillon's GoFundMe page after Dillon sent him anti-Muslim tweets. The two later met, and Dillon said Rashid's act of kindness has forced him to examine his biases.

Qasim Rashid has spent much of his life fighting for and defending human rights, first as a lawyer, then as a spokesman for the the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA.

Oscar “Oz” Dillon held anti-Muslim views and often targeted his ire at Rashid, who’s running for Congress in Dillon’s district.
The two were never supposed to find common ground, let alone form a friendship.
But a small act of kindness led the two to meet — and forced Dillon to examine his bias.
“He has opened my eyes to a whole new world about Islam,” Dillon told CNN.

2 replies

  1. Qasim Rashid, a living example of Love for all and Hatred fro None. The famous motto of Ahmadiyya Muslims.

  2. So if I go around bashing Muslims someone will finally increase my disability funding so that I can live in my own place in peace?

    I should have been a racist 5 years ago or even better be a terrorist so that I can get $10 million like Omar did in Canada.

    Oh well too late now, Coronavirus is already unleashing Karma for wasting Allah’s money like that.

    Thanks for the evidence.

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