How many Hindus live in Muslim countries?

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6.3 million Hindus live and work in Saudi Arabia.
1.6 million in Oman.
1.1 million in Kuwait.
0.9 million in Bahrain.
1.3 million in Qatar
9.0million in UAE!
Also hindus live in Malaysia, Indonesia in millions
5 million hindus live in Pakistan
5 million in Bangladesh

And in many more muslim countries
No one forced and told any Hindus to say “Allah Hu Akbar” Or to go back to India.
No one threatened or harmed a single Hindu in the name of Religion.
Several Hindus live next to mosques in Gulf, they have no problems.

Not a Single Incident Of Mob Lynching Happened With Any of those Hindus.
*-Why Hindu extremists are lynching Muslims in India?*
*-Who is responsible for this?*
*-Has India taken any tangible actions to stop this barbarianism?*
*-Has India punished the responsible culprits and facilitators?*
*-What role has UNESCO/UNO played to stop this brutal abuse?*

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  1. Money aka “Monster Eye” and greed disguised as religion trying to cause religion to get blamed instead of many people’s own selfish desires.

    The worst part is due to money meaning “Monster Eye”?

    Many blame the devil for creating it and causing all this.

    Meanwhile, the devil is like, I haven’t received any royalty cheques or any other shit from them in order to be dubbed legally responsible.

    So super long reality short, the devil doesn’t even have their backs anymore so it’s just their own greed and hate fueling them individually while they create religious division excuses as the cause.

    • Agree to Riyadh, but as no Hindu workers are in Makkah and Madinah therefore there is no need of Hindu temples there.

      • Because KSA forbid non Islam ENTER Mecca and Madinah— this is the act of discrimination against Jews, Hindu and Christian—

        There is no one country except KSA in this world to forbid other religion to enter a city—-

    • You Indonesian bigoted Christian, first let’s build a mosque in Vatican. Should we? Also, in all Hindu religious cities Hindus are unjustly and illegally claiming right on mosques. That’s your tolerance and liberalism for you.

      Let’s make a deal, give me a piece of land in Vatican for mosque and if Hindus return to Muslims Babri mosque and stop killing us, we will give your daydreaming a thought.

  2. Government China and India have dicided to protect their country from the Islamic radical intolerant to create the Khilafah like ISIS, AL QAIDA, TALIBAN etc—Government China has its own strategy to minimize Islamic radical by putting millions Muslim in Camp.

    Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others cannot say any thing to China and India to protect the freedom of Muslims. Of course they are not the same, there are many good Or peaceful Muslim—

    Islamic world has big problem with the radical Muslim groups who want to establish Syariah law and against secularism.

    Please do not delate it

    • No word from Somi to protest the actions of the Chinese Government. Totally disproportionate to the extremist ‘threat’. Millions arrested simply for being Muslim.

      • Quote-Rafiq— Millions arrested simply for being Muslim.—-

        Rafiq’s statment is mislead people— actually Chine’s goverment arrested only the radical Muslim— those who not the radical Muslim can live as usual— no problem
        That is why Saudi and Turkey supported China policy toward the radical Muslim.

        Unfortunate Ahmadiyyah still support the radical Ideology—from Philipine—Myanmar— Chine— India have bern trying to combat the extreimist Muslim in their country— but Ahmadiyyah condemn China, Myanmar, Philipine and India.

        It seems to us Ahmadiyyah is double standard to see the extremist Muslim

      • Totally wrong that China only arrested radical Muslims. They arrested absolutely normal Muslims. Ahmadiyya of course does NOT support radical ideology, except in Somi’s views. Ahmadiyya support separation of religion and state. Ahmadiyya condemn all ‘lack of justice’, wherever it occurs. Somi did not notice it yet.

  3. Are you out of your mind, you idiot..? Muslims want to dominate in the whole world. They can’t stand any other religion but Islam. It’s clearly said in Quran. Kill infidels. You will go to Heaven. Are you not reading News at all..?In Pakistan, Hindu and Sikh girls are kidnapped very often, forcefully married to Muslim and converted. Hindu and Sikh temples attacked, properties destroyed. Local police even file any complaints..Think twice before writing such disgusting and misleading lies you fool..

    • Zia and Rafiq—can you respond his concern that Islam order Muslim to kill infidel, he can go to Heaven. Also Muslim want to dominate the whole world and only Islam can rule the world. Please Zia and Rafiq

      • How many times? You broken record? ‘ There is no compulsion in religion ‘ . This sentence in the Qur’an surpasses all that you love to quote.

      • Because that verses are dangerous for human life—if bad Muslim follow it and kill infidel. You still do not get it, or you still play word game with us.

    • “It is very important for us to understand the context in who verses were revealed in order to be able to apply these verses. There are certain verses that were revealed at times of war. They are applicable only when conditions are met” Mufti Menk.

      • Quote— They are applicable only when conditions are met” Mufti Menk.—-

        The current conditions is conflict with Jews and Christians — according to your interpretation —Muslims around the world can kill infidel- Right?

      • According to me? I am no one to make such big judgements whether to kill someone or not. Our Prophet Peace be upon Him has taught us to practice peace and so should we do too.

        We must all know that there are bad people in every community and the whole community should not be held responsible if a few of them are bad. No matter which community it is. No religion teaches evil.

      • When will you stop this rubbish? Did we not answer again and again what our peaceful interpretations are? I will delete similar comments in future as BS and repetitions.

    • I believe it’s hindoos who have been dreaming of doing that through ‘vishwa guru’, which is world domination. Starting from the neighborhood, hindoos want to annex Pakistan, Bangladesh and other neighborhood countries for greater india ‘Akhand Bharat’ disregarding sovereignty and will of the people. Kashmir is just an example.

      For all your world domination claims, funny that people perceive others the way they are.

  4. You need to reconsider what you say,muslims are animals who consider people from other religions ‘subhuman’.

  5. Kindly note:
    It is only as regards those who fought against you on account of religion, and have driven you out of your homes, and helped to drive you out, that Allah forbids you to befriend them. And whosoever will befriend them, then such are the Zalimoon (wrong-doers those who disobey Allah)”
    [al-Mumtahinah 60:8-9].

    Have you heard about the offenses being committed against the Muslims in Myanmar, before the eyes of the entire world?

    Please read:

    • Thanks Binte Bashir in helping me to ‘explain things’ to Somi. I got a bit tired sometimes. Need all the help I can get.

      • Alhamdulillah. You’re welcome. All thanks is to Allah helped me reply. If one reads that article carefully with an unbiased point of view he/she might get enlightened regarding the misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims being terrorists One must also bear in mind that there are few horrible people in every society, country and religion and it doesn’t make all the others the same too.

  6. Quote—- One must also bear in mind that there are few horrible people in every society, country and religion and it doesn’t make all the others the same —-

    I do not I agree with your statement—look at the bad impact to the life of people in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan Yemen, Libya, Gaza, China, India, Philipine, sudan, Negeria, 9/11 2001, bomb in London, India, Bali etc. —millions Muslim flee from their home and got killed —very sad indeed

    You still say — only few bad Muslim terrorist. No one buy your statement, except ignore people.

    Dozens killed after gunmen attack Kabul ceremony
    At least 27 killed and 29 wounded after ceremony marking the anniversary of a minority leader attacked, official says.

    We need to reform Islamic teaching, otherwise killing innocent people never end.

    PLEASE do not delete it

    • Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, … yes, stupid for the local people to kill each other. NO BRAINS. However, why do you always ignore the oh so good Christian (and Jewish) nations that are stirring the trouble here? In all these countries the weapons that are killing are supplied mostly from USA and Israel. Outside forces are making sure the killing does not stop. Why does Somi have not a single word to condemn that? But, yes, just because someone would give me a gun that does not mean that I would kill my neighbor. Of course the blame is on all sides, but not only on one.

    • ‘we need to reform Islamic teaching’ – NO. We need to listen to the interpretations and explanations of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community !!! tune in to – all over the world.

    • The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is tirelessly exposing this wrong ideology, as you will note from and all other links. Anyway Baghdadi was just a murderer, his followers keen to kill. His recruits knew next to nothing about Islam.

  7. I am not denying the presence of hardliners among Hindus but a very large majority is secular . All those Hindus who are in the middle East , they are contributing in the development , there’s no news that they hurting the sentiments . On the contrary , Indian Muslims don’t have this wisdom . Cow may be merely a animal for muslims but a god for Hindus , they worship it . Should we not respect their sentiment ? Secondly , no Hindu Saint , no Hindu intellectual favoured lynching in the name of cow , the government took the strong action against those few who were involved . Majority of Hindus accepted the government’s action , and interesting part is that all those who took action and condemned the lynching , themselves worship the cow . Is it not the height of justice ? As far as Delhi violence is concerned , who gave opportunity ? How can a group of people block the public road ? Listen the languages used by moulvies and so called muslim leaders , are they not provocative ? It’s dilemma of muslim community that still they find themselves in the mughal age . Their religious and political leaders don’t understand Islam . Huzoor SAW prohibited the blocking of road , they are provoking muslims for blocking the road. Allah warns the great prophet hazrat Moses when he was going to meet pheroun by reminding that he is a king ( being a king , he deserved respect ) , Indian Muslims are abusing their king ( Modi sb ) , ” obey Allah His prophet Muhammad SAW and your ruler ” is the saying of the holy Quran , should we not obey our government ? Let me to confess that my country is one of the most beautiful country where muslims have every right and religious freedom. The jehadi ideology of muslims are trying to aflame the country , they are trying to make this country second Palestine where since last seventy years Palestinians have been throwing stones …their four generations have been destroyed . Allah save Muslims from the influence of moulvies , for whom huzoor SAW said ” the worst creature “

    • Hats off to Hindus for creating fake id and trying to win the war of narrative. But as has always been your history one Muslim is enough to stand up and your smoke mirrors will get dashed.

      Your population of 100 crore is brought to its knees by a handful of Muslim individuals who happen to be Arabs. Just by their tweets you people are shit scared. That’s your civilization for you. You have to live with the shame for all eternity. You have never been a match against us from the beginning of times, starting from Muhammad Bin Qasim, Mahmood of Ghazni and most recently Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Sir Chaudhry Zafrullah Khan.

      You have never been and will never be a match. No matter how much your RSS and hindutva organizations try. You will have to live with the inferiority complex. For all the hue and cry of being 5000 years of civilization and scientific pioneers, you can’t even come up with original idea and had to copy from Nazi ideology.

      Lastly I do hope that your ‘2 kaudi ke aukat’ people will have enough money after the coronavirus is cured, to build detention centers for Muslims and build your Ram temple on land stolen from Muslims unjustly. Shameful! Your entire existence and rest of hindoo

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