A 117-strong group doctors and psychologists has called for an end to what it calls the “psychological torture” and “medical neglect” of Julian Assange.


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The WikiLeaks founder is being held in Belmarsh Prison awaiting a hearing on February 24 which could see him extradited to the US.

In a 1,200-word letter published in the medical journal The Lancet, the Doctors For Assange group expresses concern over his fitness for the legal proceedings.
The letter states that Assange is in a “dire state” of health due to the effects of “prolonged psychological torture” in both the Ecuadorian embassy and Belmarsh, where he has been detained.

“Should Assange die in a UK prison, as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture (Nils Melzer) has warned, he will have effectively been tortured to death,” the letter added.

“Much of that torture will have taken place in a prison medical ward, on doctors’ watch. The medical profession cannot afford to stand silently by, on the wrong side of torture and the wrong side of history, while such a travesty unfolds.”

The first hearing into the United States’ request for Assange’s extradition was held on May 2 2019.

When asked by the judge if he consented to the extradition, Assange said: “I do not wish to surrender myself for extradition for doing journalism that has won many, many awards and protected many people.”

A copy of the Doctors For Assange letter has been sent to the Australian minister for foreign affairs, Marise Payne.


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  1. At least they allow him his own place.

    In my case they stuck me in a place full of people while torturing me which is worse.

    Send one email to Russia for help and suddenly you’re an enemy to Canada.

      • I think I got a job finally…

        Guess they noticed I meant well despite crossing into the realms of treason by communicaitng with enemies, or apparent enemies. 🤣

        Despite the humor behind the sudden realizaiton between my earlier comment and now, I honestly was just trying to prevent another world war, well and am.

        If I have to play messiah I’ll play messiah or likewise the devil himself to scare people away from killing eachother among other issues I keep noticing.

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