Chinese Christians in the UK tell of racism as Churches urge prayer and caution over coronavirus

Source: CT


Rev Kong Ching Hii, who leads the King’s Cross Methodist Church (KXMC) in London, told the Methodist podcast: “In the north east, one community has stopped the Sunday worship service and also the community in Birmingham, one of the ministers was shouted at: ‘you Chinese, go home’ and also some of my church members face different kinds of discrimination.”

He said that some students wearing face masks have received a “strange look” or “verbal abuse”, while one of his church members was “chased after by a group of people asking them to return home”.

The pastor said that many members of KXMC appear to be staying away from services.

“I didn’t expect many changes until I arrived at the church on Sunday morning and realised that half of the community did not turn up for the Sunday worship service and last week, coupled with the thunderstorm, three-quarters of them were missing on Sunday,” he said.

The church, which runs weekly services in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, has advised Chinese members of the congregation not to return to China for the timebeing in light of the outbreak. Anyone who has returned from China recently should self-quarantine for 14 days before coming to services, the advisory states.


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  1. It is said, true character based reaction of human being is disclosed in two scenarios. One when suddently extra ordinary blessings received. Second when suddenly calamities engulf. Globally the respect for fellow human beings has gone to such a low level one can see in this news. The other day I happened to travel in train coming from Frankfurt to Karlsruhe. One Chinese looking girl entered the compartment. She just did a small cough and then came a storm of hate from a typical local lady with such shouts, get out of train, why are you in this country, go back to China, have you come here to make us sick etc. Every one else was shunned. No one dared ask the local lady to stop shouting at the poor Chinese Girl.  Prior to outbreak of Corona virus, same Chinese were most welcome and lovely people. Suddenly, due to fault of no one, the whole nation started suffering hatred.  It is the time where religious has to play a serious role. Love for all hatred for none  as echoed by Ahmadiyya Muslims is to be practised in such situation.  By the Grace of Almighty God, members of Ahmadiyya Community are taking care of this aspect and advising fellow being to refrain from blow dignity acts against Chines brothers and sisters. The followers of all other religions are also requested to standby the Chinese brothers and sisters and convince fellow human beings  to refrain from looking down at Chines at this crucial time.

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