There are dark geopolitical motives behind the Cyprus rape case

The alleged attack fell foul of one of the most important stand-offs in the east Mediterranean, involving power politics conducted far above any middle rank Cypriot judge

Denis MacShane
As a young holidaymaker’s life lies in ruins after she was raped in Cyprus, according to her statements, by a gang of young Israeli males, the question that no one has answered is why the Cypriot authorities were so relaxed about allowing the alleged rapists to leave the country.

Under normal circumstances in today’s Europe – and Cyprus is an EU member state – accusations of rape, even in the context of drink-fuelled, testosterone-charged sexual encounters in package holiday resorts, must and are expected to be taken very seriously indeed. Now a Cypriot court has to decide whether to exonerate the British girl, in place of the conveniently suspended sentence which judges use to let someone off a prison sentence but still leave the stain of guilt.

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  1. Yes, forget the rape case. This article tells you more about the real happenings in the region. You MUST read the article in full !!!

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