UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association exchange dialogue with Christian Community @ Gulshan Radio Network

By Dr Abdul Salam, External Affair Wolverhampton

On Christmas day, the 25th of December, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association was invited by Gulshan radio network to stand alongside their Christian brothers in order to share love and exchange dialogue on the meaning of Christmas.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association at Gulshan Radio Network

Ahmadiyya Muslim Association at Gulshan Radio Network

The local missionary of Walsall and Wolverhampton mosque explained what Peace, love, harmony and the rights of other religions to practice meant to Ahmadis worldwide, being that we are being persecuted for our belief, punished for selling books, lashed for saying “Peace be on to you,” we will continue to practice the teachings of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and Jesus (peace be upon him), LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE.

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