Europe has an Islamophobia problem. Who’s going to stop it?

It is time to acknowledge that Europe has an Islamophobia problem – perpetuated by a poorly regulated media and sustained by agenda-driven think-tanks – and to act on it

Source: Euro City

By Magid Magid a British Green member of the European Parliament.

In sheer urgency, and while I continue to hold the privileged platform of being an MEP, I turn to Europe’s leaders and citizens, not only as a migrant elected representative, but as a Muslim, to deliver both a desperate plea and a heartfelt, rallying cry:

Let us recognise the presence of rampant Islamophobia in our society as fact before it is too late; before the lessons history has left at humanity’s door wither entirely due to our continued denial and failure to act. And following this acceptance, let us comprehensively and committedly collaborate in ridding our communities of this horrific, racist scourge.

There isn’t a single country in Europe where Islamophobic attacks are not on the rise. France saw a 52% increase from 2017 to 2018; in Austria it was 74%. And in the same year, seven pig’s heads were left threateningly around Dutch mosques.

In England and Wales, religiously motivated attacks increased fivefold from 2011-2018, with Muslims making up the majority of victims. And more than one in four people in the EU would be uncomfortable with their child being in love with a Muslim.

I believe Islamophobia is an irrational hatred once promoted to justify European belligerence, plundering and ruthless colonial conquests in Muslim-majority lands.

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