Non-Muslim teachers wear Islamic veil in protest of local ‘burqa ban’ in Sweden

Source: Islam City21

After the Sweden Democrats proposed a bill in 2018 to go “against the full-covering Muslim veil in all public places”, the local council in southern Sweden, Skurup, introduced a ban on “religious headgear” in primary schools and preschools.[1]

Following this decision, non-Muslim teachers and staff have adopted the headscarf and, in some cases, donned the whole face veil (also known as ‘niqab’) to show their support for their Muslim students.

Marit was one of six non-Muslim teachers to show their support, saying:

  “The students get excited when they see that we also have veils. They feel that we support them.”[2]

This action has been taken as a protest against the local council’s decision, but also an objection to ‘ban the burqa’ all over the country.

The chair of Malmo’s Young Muslims, Tasnim Raoof, argues that the ban denies “Muslim women’s right to their…democratic freedom of choice.” After the Skurup council implemented the ban, Raoof went on to say, “this criminalises Muslim girls.”[3]

The burqa ban in Skurup has allowed a new ripple of racism and hate to take place, which in the wider scale will eventually become a wave that is spread across the whole of Sweden. This ban is not something new, as we have seen the same thing happening in many other countries across Europe such as Belgium, France, Denmark, and Austria.

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  1. I strongly support to ban Burqa, veil and Jilbab in public place specially after 9/11 where non Muslim are afraid of terrorist women.
    Islam is not peaceful religion anymore. Rafiq
    Even in Indonesia where you live , there is no peace at all—
    Killing innocent people still continue in Middle East.
    My belief, as long as Islamic scholars do not dare to reform old Islamic teaching— there is no peace in Islamic countries

    • you said that before. In Switzerland someone wants to promote a burka ban. They call it ‘face covering’. Now is winter and lots of people cover their faces from the cold wind. Stupid the whole thing. All carnival activities need to stop. That is bye bye to ‘old cultural values’. We should use some common sense in these issues.

      • Rafiq—-God send His law according to the context of time, Geographic, and local tradition. I think Zia agree this— I do not know about you! It seems to me that you support Zakir Naik and ISIS?

        For example1;

        According to local tradition.
        God sent His revelation ( verse) to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Saudi Arabia in Arabic language in order Prophet could understand of all revelation. If God send His revelation in Arctic countries, God will send in Arctic language, it will not be Arabic language.
        Al Quran will write with Arctic language.

        Example 2.

        According to local tradition.

        At the time of Prophet Muhammad pbuh had 11 wives and some beautiful slaves and the ordinary husband was allowed to have 4 wives and some women slaves. Women can be slaved and traded etc. Q.24:33. Q,33;50. Q.23:6, Q.70:29.

        The extremist ISIS treated women as slave and sold them.

        Do you think this Islamic law can be implemented in 21th Century? I believe that this Islamic law cannot be implemented anymore.This law should be invalid in 21th century.

        Example 3. Fasting.

        According to Geography.

        Allah sent His law for fasting in Saudi Arabia as following;

        The time for fasting from the sun-rise until the sun-set Q.2:187.
        God sent His law for fasting in Saudi Arabia, at equator line. Muslim will fast from the sun-rise to the sun- set in Saudi Arabia. The sun-rise is about 6 am, and the sun-set is about 6 pm. The length of day about 12 hours. So Muslim will fast about 12 hours.

        Read more; How life is look like in Arctic Countries.
        Can this law apply in Northern of Arctic and Southern of Arctic? absolutely No. Why?

        Because the Local Geography is different with Saudi Arabia. On Northern of Arctic the length of day time is about 22 hours. but on the Southern of Arctic, the length of day time is 2 hours only. The sun rise at midnight at 12 am, and then the sun set is about 2 am in the Northern Arctic..
        If Muslim still follow the God’s law that sent in Saudi Arabia, Muslim will fast 22 hours on the Northern of Arctic and 2 hours on the southern of Arctic. Can you imagine it?

        It seems it is not logic or impossible to fast 22 hour a day on the Northern of Arctic, and 2 hours on the Southern of Arctic.

        So I believe that Muslim will be allowed to fast as long as 12 hours— from 6am to 6pm. Muslim do not need to see the sun, just see the clock as long as 12 hours. At the time of prophet (PBUH) did not have Clock yet, everyone look at the sun rise and the sun set.

        So the law of God should be changed or adjusted according to local condition.

      • It is not the law of god that needs to change, but some logic can be used in its interpretation, yes.

      • Rafiq—-Example 4. Dogs
        Ahmadiyyah Faith, forbid Muslims to posses the dog. Is that right??

        God sent His law according to the progress of science and technology.

        Often we hear from the extremist Muslim clerics that people have to cleanse the saliva of dog with soil 7 times at the time of Prophet Muhammad 1400 year ago. At that time, there were no soap available to cleanse the saliva of dog. Now soap and sanitizer are available in market. Do you think Allah will not allow us to use soap as cleaner?

        People of Saudi Arabia, Gulf States and Iran feel proud to uphold the ancient tradition from their ancestor who life in 1400 years ago, so call the Dark Ages. They forbid Muslims to posses the dog. They forbid women to drive a car. etc.

        Now in Modern time, modern interpretation bases on Al Quran below, that we believe that we can use “soap” to cleanse saliva of dog from our skin, instead of soil 7 times, and also Muslim can have a dog, as long as that dog healthy.Do you agree that? I am sure you agree.

        A story of a young man from Saudi Arabia studied at University of America near my house, one day a Pet dog lick his hand, he directly went out of the house looking for soil / ground to wash the skin several times.

        I ask: Why don’t you wash it with soap or sanitizer in the bathroom clean and fast. He silently are laughing, he said the Prophet (Hadith) told like that.

        Then I interrupted and asked; there is a Hadith also forbid Muslim to learn or study at Christian school or University, because they are unbeliever or Khafir. Now you study at American University? He just smiled to me and could not answer it.

        At the time of the Prophet there is no a vet, a dog is very dangerous and forbidden. Now with the development of veterinary science, dog’s health can be maintained as well as human health.

        It’s funny that a healthy and well-trained dogs are prohibited ?. Dogs are very smart and helpful to help the police, the blind-people and as a friend of old people at home, etc. Look at here, how smart Dogs are?

        A Quran verses explaining that the meat / animal catches a trained dog is eaten halal. Look GOD commands, at QS.5 ; 4

        From Hadith; ‘A’ishah that the Prophet said Jibreel as pda waiting time has been determined. But Gabriel did not come in time, so the prophet throw a stick out of his hand and said, “God does not reneged on his promise, as well as the apostles.” Then he turned around and found SAW dog under his bed. “O Aisha, since when a dog it in here?” Aisha replied, “I do not know.” Then he ordered that the dog SAW was issued. Then Gabriel came to the Prophet and asked, “You have an appointment and I have sat down to wait, but you do not come, why?” He replied, “The dog in the house that has stopped me. Surely we do not fit into the existing house and the dog picture.” (Hadith Muslim)

        Why do the scholars / clerics forbid dogs as guard houses, and helping the blind and help the police etc..Islamic extremist are fanatic, lack of knowledge.

        He has chosen you and has imposed no difficulties on you in religion;Q.22:78.

        Most Scholars or Clerics make difficulties on Muslim to carry out Islam.

        They are wrong absolutely. clerics mislead Muslim around the world, especially in Saudi Arabia and Iran where the extremist leader rule the Government.

        Even Hadith also prohibits dogs hanging pictures in homes, scholars say that angels will not enter into the house. (Meaning GOD’s grace does not come into the house). Extremist Muslim believe in idol–Muslim-Bukhari than God’s laws in written in Al Quran as above verse.

        Students are still fanatics follow the hadith of Arab culture which is not Islamic law. Hadith of the Arab culture is not Islamic law. Muslims are fanatics like him, millions in number in the world.

        Muslim who live in modern time should interpret Islamic teaching according to the progress and development of Science and technology, otherwise we, Muslim still live in the Dark Ages. 1400 years ago.

        It is very clear proofs that Syariah law can be reformed and changed and reject the idea from the extremist Wahhabi Arab that Syariah law cannot be reformed or changed forever. The extremist Wahhabi Clerics hold up Muslim to the time of Prophet of Muhammad (saw)

      • Dog is not prohibited. A dog to look after sheep, a watch dog is all permitted. Just because we do not share the bed with them or kiss them on their lips that is why you talk like that? I think I gave you a link before what our beloved Khalifa said about dogs.

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