Here’s how Boris Johnson can overhaul immigration post-Brexit, in seven easy steps

Voters expect Johnson to ‘get Brexit done’ and that means reforming the immigration system, says Thom Brooks. Here’s how he should

What next for the centre?


A key part of the prime minister’s election success was his repeated vow to “get Brexit done”, and a key part of that was “shaking up the immigration system”. Boris Johnson’s first 100 days is a critical time for him to reshape a system desperately lacking public confidence. And if he wants to retain those new voters he has won, he’ll need to appeal the centre ground.

By making good on his commitment to “a more outward-facing” Brexit Britain, Johnson could allay the fears of those who have criticised his approach to date. But he’ll only achieve that if he follows this seven-point plan:

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Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London


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