Thanks to Netanyahu, Gantz Is Now Ready to Be Prime Minister

Source: Haaretz

With silence, indifference and resignation, the State of Israel finds itself today in its third election campaign in less than a year. The masses haven’t taken to the streets, roads haven’t been blocked, and no tire has been set on fire. Five more months (at least) of continued paralysis and grave damage to the economy, the country’s weaker communities and the ailing health-care and social-welfare systems, are being accepted with equanimity. It’s as if we’re talking about a decree of fate or an act of God.

The phrase, “There won’t be a third election” has been repeated incessantly by politicians, not just during the past 85 days but even before the second election, in September, which was also perceived as insane. But all the basic assumptions that were supposed to prevent that collapsed one after another.

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