First Ahmadi Muslim Elected as MP in UK

Source: Social Meida as shared by Dr Basharat of Germany

Imran Ahmad Khan First Ahmdi Muslim MP elected in UK belongs to Conservative and Unionist Party  Wakefield Yorkshire

History was made tonight as the first Ahmadi Muslim was elected MP and will take his seat in the House of Commons on Monday. He will join Lord Tariq Ahmad, the other Ahmadi Muslim who sits in the House of Lords. Ahmadis now sit in both houses of parliament. Imran is the youngest son of the late Dr Saeed Khan of Spen Valley, Yorkshire and the grandson of the late Hazrat Khawas Khan Sb of Peshawar. For those of us who were present at the time, Hazrat Khalifatul Khalifatul Masih IV ra had predicted that Imran would one day become Prime Minister of UK, maybe this is the start of the fulfilment of that prophesy.

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