The happy polygamist

This story was told to me during my stay in Afghanistan.


One bus driver plying the route Kabul – Peshawar and back notice at the bus stop in Jalalabad (the ‘half-way’ city) a middle aged man playing the ‘banju’ (like a guitar) and being always very happy.

One day the bus driver asked him ‘how come you are always so happy’?

The man replied ‘ I have two wives …’

The bus driver said ‘thanks’ and rushed off. Back home in Kabul he quickly married a second wife.  Unfortunately the two started fighting and made life very difficult. Next time while passing Jalalabad he shouted at the man ‘you put me in trouble’ !

The banju-player replied:  ‘You did not hear me out. I said ‘and one is in Kabul and the other in Peshawar and I am here in between in peace’.


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