Why wouldn’t there be a coup in the US?


The answer is simple: There is no U.S. Embassy or consulate there…

This is often told as a joke, but it is true. There is no exaggeration. This is because wherever there have been military coups and civil wars so far, there has been clear evidence of U.S. guidance or support.

For instance, Turkey, where I live, has never been deprived of this “interest” of the U.S.

Coincidentally, the brains trust of the putschist, who staged the military coup on May 27, 1960, deposing off and eventually hanging the elected prime minister, had undergone “internal operational training” in the U.S.

Former U.S. diplomat Paul Henze admitted “our boys did it,” when he informed then-President Jimmy Carter of the 1980 military coup. After all, the first thing the putschist did on Sept. 12 was to declare “Turkey’s commitment to NATO and CENTO.”

Turkey last witnessed a coup attempt on July 15, 2016. The Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ), led by Fetullah Gülen, attempted to stage a coup through its military infiltrators that night, killing 250 people. Gülen lives freely in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania today. Following the coup, many military officers also took refuge at NATO (read as U.S.) bases in Turkey.

This is our story. But it is actually the story of all of us. Today, there is still serious evidence that the U.S. is behind the internal turmoil and coups in Hong Kong, Syria and Venezuela.

The last country to have been added to that list is Bolivia. Under Eva Morales, who did not develop policies in line with Washington, did not surrender to neoliberalism and followed policies like expropriation. The military commander threatened the elected president on television. President Morales has since fled his country.

The U.S. foreign policy mechanics I have mentioned is a responsibility, beyond a choice, for those who rule the country.
A survey conducted with U.S. citizens, who have witnessed their country’s unlawful operations around the world for years, explains the reason for this: When asked whether the “biggest threat to the U.S. is being defeated in a war or the dollar ceasing to be a reserve currency,” the vast majority answered as we predict: “The end of the dollar’s sovereignty over the world!”

For the future of billions of dollars circulating around the world, including in my country, the U.S. has to maintain coup mechanics.

Look, even a U.S. president who came to power with the promise of turning the U.S. inward and isolating it complains about this process. Donald Trump recently said he is facing the threat of a coup because of his policies.

Fortunately, there is no U.S. Embassy in your country, Mr. Trump. Nevertheless, do not let it all hang out.
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