Humanists UK launch religious-free assembly materials for schools

School students

The Muslim Times is promoting Islam for personal life and secularism for public life in every country of the world

Source: The Guardian

By Henry McDonald

Assemblies for All provides secular materials focused on respect and social justice

British schools are being offered a programme for morning assemblies that are entirely secular and free of religion for the first time.

All state schools in the UK are currently required to provide an act of daily worship of a “broadly Christian character” under the 1944 Education Act.

But Humanists UK, the campaign group for secularism and non-religious belief, has drawn up an alternative model that takes God out of daily school assemblies, focusing instead on respect for the individual, the environment and justice for the developing world.

The group says its 200 inclusive assemblies will cover 30 diverse themes in Key Stages 1 to 5.

The programme, called Assemblies for All, will promote no particular religion or belief, making it suitable for all pupils regardless of their religious or non-religious background, the group claims.

A website pointing teachers to scripts, presentations, videos and speaking notes which they can download in order to build their secular alternative morning assemblies is due to go live on Monday.

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