Ahmadi mosque destroyed in Pakistan even as Imran Khan lectures India on minorities


The Bahawalpur Mosque.  The Muslim Times has the best coverage to overcome the sectarian divide among the Muslims

Source: The Print

The incident took place in Punjab’s Bahawalpur, where terror outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) is headquartered.

By Snehesh Alex Philip 26 October, 2019 2:46 pm IST

In May 2018, a 100-year-old Ahmadi mosque, located in Pakistan’s Sialkot, was destroyed by a mob | Zafarullah Kha

New Delhi: While Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been criticising the Narendra Modi government over the security clampdown in Kashmir following repeal of Article 370 and alleged persecution of Muslims in India, Pakistan Police Friday partially destroyed a mosque belonging to the minority Ahmadiyyas.

Ahmadis were declared ‘non-Muslims’ by Pakistan in 1974, depriving them of many basic rights.

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