Jagmeet Singh: ‘Cut your turban off,’ voter tells NDP leader

_109079879_21883925Source: BBC News

A Canadian political leader has been told to cut off his turban to look more Canadian during a campaign stop.

Reporters filmed the encounter between NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, a practising Sikh, and a man in Montreal, Quebec.

Mr Singh says cordially that Canadians “look like all sorts of people” before walking off. The man wishes him well.

In June, the province of Quebec passed a law banning certain civil servants from wearing religious symbols at work such as the turban, hijab or kippah.

Mr Singh is the first visible minority leader at the helm of a major federal political party in Canada.

His NDP is fighting to retain its 14 seats in Quebec, though opinion polls show the left-of-centre party trailing in the province ahead of the country’s general election on 21 October.

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  1. This makes me angry to hear as a Canadian. Mr. Jagmeet Singh is absolutely correct – everyone in Canada looks different and there is no one particular way a ‘Canadian looks’. Unless we are a member of the first nations people, everyone in Canada is an immigrant in origin from somewhere else in the world. Things like this need to stop. Good luck Mr. Jagmeet Singh on the upcoming election.

  2. Yes, amazing in countries like USA, Canada, Australia being anti-immigrant, when the country is 99 per cent consisting of immigrants. or 95 – whatever.

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