Debate: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism

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The Muslim Times has the best collection to understand antisemitism.  The Muslim Times is also promoting secularism in every country of the world

We have saved the debate in the Muslim Times:

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  1. By regarding themselves, and declaring a false state (being themselves stateless), the jews are omitting their true status i.e. being of the lineage of Jacob whom Abraham named Israel stating him to be “the fruit of his, Abrahams, bowels”.

  2. Only a proportion of Jews are Zionists and equally a proportion are of Semitic heritage. Many are of converted and inter-marriage origin, and the Jews now ruling Israel are Ashkenazi/white Europeans. Jews identify as Jews fundamentally because of their religious belief and heritage, and their spiritual home is Jerusalem, the same applies to Christians and Muslims. The story of the return of Jews to their ancestral home of Israel is a myth. Only those Jews who have lived there for generations and are of Semitic stock have a historic right to be there, the same as the Palestinians, whether Christian or Muslim. In my opinion Israel should never have been created. It is colonialisation.

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