As Netanyahu’s power in the Middle East wanes, Trump has to find his own way to deal with Iran

The man who led the great anti-Iranian bash at the UN appears to have sank his ship, while he who once describe Beirut as ‘the centre of terror’ may now lead Israel. The winner, of course, is Iran

Robert Fisk
in Beirut

There is an extraordinary irony in the fate of both Benjamin Netanyahu and Iran. The first has been captaining the Titanic, in the words of one Israeli academic, through the past couple of days. The second – a rather better captain, it might be said – has been captaining a couple of tankers in and out of the Mediterranean and the Gulf.

The second was also the target of Netanyahu’s Likud rhetoric at the United Nations. Remember the famous comic-cuts test tube cartoon which Netanyahu held before the UN, a symbol of the time it would take for the Islamic Republic to create a nuclear weapon? Iran must be “defanged”, I believe the words were; nuclear Islamist tyrant must be disarmed.
And there we were this week, with the Iranian beast actually firing at Saudi Arabia’s oil plants – although I noted the Saudi claim that the attack was “unquestionably sponsored” (a big “sic” there) by Iran. In other words, it was the Houthis what done it but the Iranians who were behind it.

But the man who led the great anti-Iranian bash at the UN appears to have sank his ship, and the man who once told us all at the Herzeliya conference so many years ago that Beirut was “the centre of terror”, the then chief of staff Benny Gantz, may now be leading the state of Israel for the near future.

And the winner? Iran, of course.

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