Netanyahu isn’t bluffing about his plans to annex the Jordan Valley – but will he succeed?

While the map he pointed to may have been hastily drawn up, the Israeli prime minister’s wish to make good on Trump’s loyalty is clear

Bel Trew
Israel’s prime minister is well known for his cartoonish props and bombastic televised speeches.
Wielding a red pen, he famously scribbled over a clip-art image of a bomb during a 2012 United Nations speech warning about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. It won him praise back home but also sniggers abroad. That said, it successfully got the message across.

This week, just days ahead of Israel’s second election in just a few months, he delivered another suitably dramatic speech which was no exception. But few were laughing.

Campaigning under the shadow of three possible corruption trials, the premier is battling for his life to win the elections which start on Tuesday, after failing to form a government following April polls.

And so on Wednesday evening he stood in front of a roughly (and as it turns out, inaccurately) drawn map of the Jordan Valley and north Dead Sea, and with a pointer declared everything in blue, which constitutes just over 22 per cent of the occupied West Bank, would be immediately annexed to Israel if he is re-elected.

read more here and video report


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