John Bolton’s sacking delighted Iran – but the world is suffering under Trump and his fellow fragile tyrants


Trump has no foreign policy, and the ‘world stage’ has splintered. No wonder journalism struggles to describe the outrageous new reality

Robert Fisk

The sanest comment to emerge this week from the latest fandango in the Washington lunatic asylum came from Iran.
Asked for an official response to the political murder of John Bolton – these Richard III killings, in which the characters are either smothered or stabbed by tweets, are, after all, routine to the point of absurdity – the Iranian foreign ministry ponderously replied that it did not “interfere in internal American affairs”. It was a wonderful po-faced response to the ever more outrageously comic Trumpian theatre.

True, the various supreme and less supreme leaders of Tehran performed a little dance of joy at the demise of Bolton the “warmonger”, but at least the description was spot-on.

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