Archaeologists find evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem, as told in the Bible

Comments by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times:

Please read the first few verses of Sura Bani Israel (No:17) in the holy Quran to review the mention of Babylonian conquest:

We declared to the Children of Israel in the Scripture, ‘Twice you will spread corruption in the land and become highly arrogant.’

When the first of these warnings was fulfilled, We sent against you servants of Ours with great force, and they ravaged your homes. That warning was fulfilled, but then We allowed you to prevail against your enemy. We increased your wealth and offspring and made you more numerous––whether you do good or evil it is to your own souls––and when the second warning was fulfilled [We sent them] to shame your faces and enter the place of worship as they did the first time, and utterly destroy whatever fell into their power.

Your Lord may yet have mercy on you, but if you do the same again, so shall We: We have made Hell a prison for those who defy [Our warning]. (Al Quran 17:4-8)

Babylonian conquest is the first of the two corruptions and the second one is the conquest by Romans in 70 AD.  These verses also carry a warning for the nation of Israel to be compassionate and just.

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  1. The Bible like the Quran and many other books from before?

    Are all more or less historically accurate except with some added exaggerations in order to keep the story element interesting alongside the history, otherwise?

    The books would have been boring reads.

    Which is why today we have Art running alongside us mimicking our lives in a more exaggerated way since once again, life in general is boring compared to books and film.

    Which is the part people in the future will be looking back on.

    So this present like the Holy Books before?

    Will be the same, data stored in books online and offline telling a story of our lives in this era of humanity.

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