Pope Francis says key to Christian faith is to ‘obey God before men.’ But what does God want?


Pope Francis. Suggested reading by the Muslim Times: We Will be Judged by Our Compassion and Deeds and Not Our Dogma

Pope Francis says key to Christian faith is to ‘obey God before men’.

Source: Religion News Service

By Claire Giangravé

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Pope Francis prayed for the strength to stand up against coercion and opposition and said during his weekly general audience that the “great Christian answer” is to “obey God before men.”

“We ask the Holy Spirit for the strength to not be afraid of those who command us to be silent, who slander us or even make an attempt on our lives,” he told the 10,000 faithful who gathered in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday (Aug. 28).

“We ask it to strengthen us from within so that we may be confident of the loving and consoling presence of the Lord at our side.”

The pope drew his reflections from the day’s reading from the Acts of the Apostles. In that passage, Jesus’ disciple Peter provokes the anger and envy of the theological elite by healing the sick.

Peter, said Pope Francis, presents the key to Christian life, which is to place the will of God before the demands of men.

“This means listening to God with no reservations, no procrastinations, no calculations,” he said. “As we strive to be of service to our brothers and sisters, let us ask the Holy Spirit for the interior strength of knowing that the Lord is always at our side.”

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  1. It’s how we treat each other which counts the most.

    Those who trick will end up being tricked, those who treat will end up being treated.

    “Halloween counts just as much as Christmas”

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