Australia: Ahmadiyya Muslim Imam preaches to practice the philosophy of Love for All, Hatred for None


OUTGOING Imam of the Baitul Masroor Mosque has called on Ahmadiyya Muslims to preach and practice their philosophy of love for all, hatred for none.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Imam Syed Wadood Janud

Imam Syed Wadood Janud

Syed Wadood Janud will step down as the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Queensland and Northern Territory this week.

He is moving to Melbourne to take up a new role as Imam of Victoria and Tasmania at the Baitul Salam Mosque in Melbourne.

Imam Janud said it was the connections formed within the mosque, interfaith circles and broader community which he would miss most.

“Places change and houses change but it is the people you get connected to that you truly miss,” he said.

“This has been my first time living in Queensland and it has been an… read more at source.


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