Islam Ahmadiyya’s Khalifa: Crimes committed by Muslims are totally against the teachings of Islam


The United Kingdom is facing a crisis of immigrants. Many of these immigrants are staying illegally in the UK. During the last 5 years, it has been reported by many top news outlets that a number of crimes are committed in the UK and many of the foreign-born individuals living are also convicted in these crimes. Many of these crimes committed by Muslims make all the whole community suspicious in British society.

Pakistani immigrants in the UK

Some newspaper reports claimed that many grooming groups in the UK are run by some Muslim immigrants in the UK, labeled as crimes by Muslims. The target of these sex gangs is to target white minor girls. Majority of these Muslims are Pakistan born immigrants.

Khalifa Of Islam

Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifa on these Crimes

His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad clearly announced during his address in the Ahmadiyya Muslim gathering in the UK that these crimes are totally un-Islamic. The culprits should be persecuted as per the law. There is no place for such crimes in the true Islamic society.

Ahmadis are known for their peaceful teachings around the world. In most of the majority Muslim nations, the Ahmadiyya Muslims have considered infidels are subject to brutal persecution. Pakistan is listed top in the persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Every year tens of thousands of Ahmadi Muslims gather in the UK to celebrate their Jalsa Salana. The presence of their spiritual leader makes this gathering an important event around the globe.

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