Muslim man discovers Pret sandwich he has been eating for 12 years is not halal


Khalid Qadeer has issued a complaint to Pret A Manger after noticing his favourite tuna baguette sandwich contained white wine vinegar

ByLatifa Yedroudj
13 AUG 2019

A customer has slammed Pret for failing to list white wine vinegar as an ingredient on their tuna sandwiches (Image: Birmingham Mail)

A Muslim man has discovered the Pret A Manger sandwich he has been eating for 12 years is not halal.
Khalid Qadeer, who works as a tax adviser in London, is a frequent customer at the food chain and would always opt for its signature tuna baguette sandwich.

However, the tax adviser was shocked to find out the sandwich contained white wine vinegar, after noticing the ingredient listed on a new printed label.

White wine vinegar is not considered halal in Islam.

Despite that, the ingredient is also not listed on fridge labels in store.

Pret has come under fire in recent months over the deaths of two customers who suffered allergic reactions from consuming the restaurant’s food.

Pret has since created full ingredient labels after two customers died from allergic reactions (Image: Birmingham Mail)

They have since placed new labels containing a full list of ingredients on all Pret food products – and Mr Qadeer has slammed Pret for failing to mention white wine vinegar as a listed ingredient until now.

Mr Qadeer said white wine vinegar is “like a nut allergy” for many Muslims as they have “zero tolerance” towards it.
He told “Being a Muslim I can’t consume anything with alcohol. And there’s probably thousands of Muslims who buy products from Pret.

“As most people know, some Muslims drink alcohol and the rest, but there is a certain percentage that will have a “oh what the f***” moment here.”

He added: “I’ve worked in the City for the last 12 years as a tax adviser and I would have never bought the product had I known.”

Mr Qadeer complained to his local Pret store manager and his case was later escalated to Pret’s CEO, Clive Schlee.
In an email seen by, the CEO said his “technicians” have been “calculating the alcohol content of the white wine vinegar” in the tuna mayo baguette.




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  1. What are the views of our readers? Personally I would not bother too much about a drop of alcohol. It would not make me drunk. (But on the other hand I would not feel like eating anything with even a small about of pork, that is not only not halal, it is not clean either).

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