Calling any Muslim non-Muslim against Sharia, says Pakistan Ulema Council


Kaaba should be the focus and a source to unite all Muslims. Anyone who faces towards Kaaba to pray is a Muslim.  This is the big tent definition of a Muslim endorsed by our editorial team. We have the best collection to refute sectarianism among the Muslims

Source: | By Kalbe Ali

ISLAMABAD: Clerics and scholars affiliated with the Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) have declared that branding any Muslim as a non-Muslim is not only against the norms of Sharia, but also an unethical way of politicising Islam.

Speaking to the media on Monday, PUC chairman Hafiz Tahir Ashrafi said elements using Islam for political purposes or for personal gain were bringing a bad name to clerics as well as Sharia.

“It is a more serious threat to Islam than anything done by its enemies that ‘so-called muftis’ have started issuing fatwas which are anti-Sharia in the first place and all this is being done in the name of Quran and Sunnah,” Hafiz Tahir said.

“We have rejected this controversial practice and any organisation or individual will not be allowed to issue decrees declaring a Muslim as a non-Muslim,” he said. “Such irresponsible attitude is not only fanning sectarianism but also giving a bad name to our country.”

The PUC chief said all non-Muslim citizens had their rights defined in the constitution while Sharia too had specified rights they enjoyed in an Islamic state.

“We made it clear at a recent meeting with the interior minister that the status of Ahmadis, as declared in the Constitution, cannot be undone. But at the same time nobody can be allowed to declare any Muslim an Ahmadi and eventually a non-Muslim,” Tahir Ashrafi said.

The PUC recently held a conference which drew 1,500 religious scholars from different schools of thought. The conference extended support to the National Action Plan as well as the drive against extremism.

A resolution adopted at the conference stressed that killing in the name of religion was against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

It called upon clerics and scholars belonging to the four mainstream schools of thought — Shia, Barelvi, Deobandi and Ahle Hadis — to dissociate themselves from the elements fanning hatred on the basis of religion.

The conference had also resolved that no Muslim sect would be declared infidel and no one had the authority to recommend the killing of any Muslim or non-Muslim.

The conference called upon clerics to observe court ruling on religious matters and to settle controversial subjects in a court of law.

Hafiz Ashrafi said efforts were under way to have national flags hoisted at seminaries and mosques on the eve of Independence Day.


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3 replies

  1. @Sabir Shakir In Urdu there is a saying translated as, ” A wise enemy is better than a foolish Friend.” So you, Arif Bhatti and Ch. Gholam Hussain are foolish friends of Pakistan, May Allah Save us from your mischief. As patriot your duty is to unite Nation and make harmony among its Citizens. The civilized world to day boast of tolerance, Religious proliferation and diversity of Religions, while for cheap popularity, You people are making fuss and creating disorder in our most dear Land Pakistan. After Partition of India into 2 countries we came in this country, I wasa brought up in it , was educated in this country, served in the country and earned our lively-hood in this very country, later on Mullah’s like you treated us like step mother so we were forced to migrate from there, but our sincere affection and love is for our Mother-Land. I wonder why you are distorting the facts of the History? Don’t you know that First President of the Kashmir Committee was His Holiness Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, and his name was proposed by Allama Iqbal himself, had rascal politician of Ahrar (Deo-Bandi) not disrupt and jump into it in the Name of Religion, the Position and Fate of Kashmir would Have been totally different than today.
    Then in after Partition General Nazir an Ahmadi General was advancing in Kashmir, While Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan Forcefully stoped his advancement, if he didn’t, the situation would have been different.

    Then in 1965 war don’t you know that another Brave Genral Akhtar Ali Malik was advancing and about to cut Kashmir from India, while he was called back and General Yahya Khan was posted in his place resulting in Table was turned around.
    And don’t you know that when Mr. M. M. Ahmad an other prominent Ahmadi Muslim was Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission of Pakistan, how Pakistani Economy was flourishing? and what happened after 1974 when Ahmadis were Declared by the National Assembly as ” Not Muslims for the sake of Constitution”?
    And don’t you know that it was with the pen of Hazrat Ch. Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan r.u. Pen-downed The Pakistan Restitution resulting in the Creation of Pakistan?
    And don’t you know that it was not Allama Iqbal brought back Qa’id-e-Azam from UK to Struggle for Pakistan, Rather it was Maulana Abdur-Rahim Dard of Imam Fazal Masjid London who forced the Qa’id to go back to India and take part in the Indian Politics? Zarif Ahmad

    • He should, but unfortunately, not. These hypocrite Ulma are the worst creature under the canopy of sky. They say one thing and do the other, sheer contradictions in their behaviors. Zarif Ahmad

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