Utah has required schools to have ‘In God We Trust’ posted publicly for 17 years

Z5RUHMDKOZCNZJMI3BJLW2BEA4Source: The Salt Lake Tribune


A recent law in South Dakota requiring the phrase “In God We Trust” to be prominently displayed in all public schools was meant to “inspire patriotism,” according to the legislators who sponsored it.


But it has quickly touched off a national debate over whether the message — the motto for the United States — instead promotes religion. Some have said it pushes the boundary of separation of church and state. Others have argued it illegally puts God in the classroom.


In Utah schools, though, the issue is nothing new. The red and religious state has had a similar law on the books for slightly more than 17 years now. It was signed by then-Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt in March 2002.

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