‘Historic’ day as India outlaws ‘triple talaq’ Islamic instant divorce


Muslim women visit parliament in New Delhi where the lower house outlawed the Muslim divorce practice of ‘triple talaq’. Photograph: Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images.  The Muslim Times is promoting secularism in every country of the world

Source: The Guardian

Minister says women now have justice but Muslim groups accuse Hindu-led government of community interference

India’s parliament has approved a bill outlawing the centuries-old right of a Muslim man to instantly divorce his wife, drawing accusations of government interference in a community matter.

Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist administration has been pushing to criminalise “triple talaq”, under which a man can divorce by uttering the word “talaq”, meaning divorce in Arabic, three times in his wife’s presence.

Following Tuesday’s upper house vote it now only requires the signature of the president – considered a formality – to become law.

Ending instant divorce is a victory. But Indian women have a fight ahead
Hasina Khan

The lower house backed the bill, which will make anyone practising instant divorce liable to prosecution, last week. India is one of the few countries where the practice has survived in law. It was declared “unconstitutional” by the supreme court two years ago.

“This is a historic day, the injustice that was going on with Muslim women, India’s parliament has given them justice,” law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said in Delhi.

Some Indian Muslim groups have said triple talaq is wrong, but believe the practice should be reviewed by community leaders rather than the government.

Asaduddin Owaisi, an MP from the opposition All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen party, said the BJP failed to reform Hindu society and was instead targeting Muslims.

Critics have long accused the BJP of a bias against minority Muslims. The BJP denies the allegation but says it is opposed to the appeasement of any community.


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  1. The Muslim leadership have only themselves to blame. If they would have outlawed triple talak themselves than the government did not have to interfere. (We believe the reason for the ‘triple talak’ is to have three months time to reconsider. The triple talak was never meant to be issued on the same instance or same day, but months apart. Consequently the Indian Government is correct in this case..

  2. The Tripple Talaq law has been most musunderstood chiefly Muslims themselves. The common misunderstanding if a Muslim says Talaq three times to his wife in breath or at variius intervals, the marriage becomes null and void. This not how the is intended expressed in the Quran, but the Mullahs particularly those from India and Pakistan have given the twisted meaning.

    It is most laughable interpretation.

    The Quran is the first book to speak about divorce and the process for it.

    The true intent of the law is create dimestical stability and harmony. Therefore, a Muslim can divorce three different times, meaning divorce remarry, divirce remarry, and divorce remarry tge same person three times. This provides room for reconciliation which explained in another verse of the Holy Quran. And Allah says RECONCILIATION is better in the eyes if Allah. Islam stands unique very unique in yerms if Family Law which entails marriage, separation, reconciation and divorce. Nothing is at the drop of a hat and spontaneous or instant in one breath TALAQ, TALAQ, TALAQ and everything is over.
    Based on this misconception, Indian cinema made a most famous movie NIKKAH (originally titled TALAQ) two decades that left viewers in disbelief.

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