First public inquiry into Islamophobia launched in Scotland

Researchers hope new inquiry will help identify steps that can be taken to tackle anti-Muslim bigotry

  • Holyrood’s Cross-Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia and researchers at Newcastle University will cooperate on a public inquiry into anti-Muslim hatred
  • The inquiry is seeking responses about experiences of discrimination from individuals and organisations
  • MSP Anas Sarwar has said: “We have established that Scotland is not immune from Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred.”
  • All of Scotland’s political parties have committed to a formal definition of Islamophobia in an effort to combat hate crime

Holyrood’s Cross-Party Group (CPG) on Tackling Islamophobia and Newcastle University have launched the first ever public inquiry into Islamophobia in Scotland.

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  1. Yeah?

    Why not deal with the English bigotry first, give the Scottish back their land or I will land soldiers/bombs on yours.

    Final warning.

    For every angry Scott I encounter from today onwards?

    I will order the death of 1000 Muslims unless we sit down face to face and do what we should have done many years ago when I emailed many globally, SIT DOWN AND TALK!

    Therefore all the blood which falls in the days to come is on you, your newsgroups and all the Muslim nations like Jordan.

    One Queen Ran me so now it’s time for Allah to run her, into the ground.

    Between Russia, China, America and I?

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    Next time you start war with me make sure God is on your side first, rule number 1.

    “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free.

    Do not press a desperate foe too hard.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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