Regulator launches inquiry into Christian doctor who prays with patients in UK

Richard Scott

Dr Richard Scott.  Suggested reading: Curing Sigmund Freud’s Atheism and Videos: Let Joel Osteen Breathe Hope, Optimism and Success in Your Life. The collection below tackles the conflict involved here and solutions lie in study of history and different religious traditions

Source: The Sunday Times

The General Medical Council is investigating a complaint about a GP who says he offers spiritual help as part of treatment

A GP is under investigation by the General Medical Council (GMC) and could lose his job because he involves his Christian faith in consultations with patients.

For the past 20 years, says Dr Richard Scott, he has “involved a spiritual angle” for patients with depression, anxiety or addiction.

Now his job is on the line after the National Secular Society (NSS) complained to the GMC in May that a “highly vulnerable” patient felt “discomfort at the use of prayer”.

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  1. Prayer is a support mechanism for a large number of people of all Faiths and dispensations., especially in difficult times. Some of these patients want their doctors to be religious and some want to pray together with their physicians for health especially before major surgery.
    Over the years I have been asked by several of my patients to pray with them even knowing that they were Christians and I was a Muslim. I have held hands and prayed with my patients but not as my preference but on their request. I know many other physicians who do it.
    As long as it is not required by the physician there is no harm.

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