USA: Lapeer Public library hosts “Meet a Muslim” with Rochester Hills’ Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Report by Muhammad Ahmad, Detroit


Lapeer Public library Michigan hosted “Meet a Muslim” program on June 10th where more than 70 guests attended the event.


Laura Fromwiller, Head of Reference Services of the Lapeer, along with Melissa Malcolm, Director library welcomed Imam Shamshad Nasir, after introducing him as the regional Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.


The library administration had made arrangements for 50 people, however many more showed up and had to stand on the side and back of the room. The room was packed to capacity with many more wanting to get in.


Imam Shamshad started off his presentation with thanking the library administration for inviting Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for event and organizing the program. He then welcomed the guests for their time and interest in learning about the Islamic faith.

“The word Islam mean peace” , said Imam Shamshad. The very meaning of the Islamic faith is nothing but peace and submission to the will of God. When Muslims meet each other, they greet with the “peace be on you”

Imam then introduced the fundamentals of the Islamic faith describing the five basic pillars of Islam said Kalima (declaration of the faith), five daily prayers, Zakat, fasting and pilgrimage to Makkah.

He then provided the brief details of each of the pillars and why each one of these is so important and what’s the significance. Islam is a practical religion and every activity is based on the nature. Islam gives a great emphasis on serving mankind, helping the poor, the needy and lesser fortunate of the society.5

Imam Shamshad, then differentiated Ahmadiyya Muslim Community as the progressive Muslim Community who believe that the long-awaited Messiah of the later days has come in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) of Qadian.

Audience listened very keenly to the brief presentation showing great interest in learning the Islamic faith. People from wide range of age were present during the program, young and old, students to preachers and educators.

The program then was opened up to the audience for questions and answers. Both in person and written questions were welcome.6

There were a large number of questions from the audience. More than 44 Questions were asked on wide range of topics from the audience.

Sec. Tabligh, Muhammad Ahmad moderated the question and answer session and read out the questions to Imam Shamsahd Nasir who answered the questions with great deal of detail and enthusiasm.

One of the guest asked the question in regards to whats the difference between the terms Muslim and Islam. Another asked “Do you believe in the Sharia Law”. Other questions were, status of women in Islam, Islamic concept of jihad, hell and paradise etc.

At the conclusion of the program, many books including “Life of Muhammad (pbuh)”, along with brochures and leaflets were given to the audience.


At the end Imam Shamshad Nasir presented a copy of the book “Life of Muhammad” and “World Crisis and Pathway to Peace” as agift to Mellissa Malcolm, Director Library.

Melissa thanked Imam and the Ahmdiyya Muslim Community for accepting her invitation to come to attend the program and take questions and provide candid answers to the questions from the audience.

Later many attendees met and asked questions informally and had conversations with the Imam and members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

This program was broadcasted on local county TV Chanel and it is on their website also. For more information please contact: Imam Shamshad at 9096368332 OR Muhammad Ahmad at 248 739-5688

— End of Report —


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