Why I used to believe in the prosperity gospel like Kenneth Copeland believes

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By Costi W. Hinn

(RNS) — If you haven’t seen the video of Fort Worth, Texas, televangelist Kenneth Copeland attempting to answer questions about his private plane and the prosperity gospel in a rare and unexpected interview with Lisa Guerrero of “Inside Edition,” do so. It’s stunning, and important.

It’s difficult to get time with prosperity preachers. I would know, as I used to be one and work with one — my uncle, Benny Hinn.

But this persistent reporter managed to somehow get through his security and give people a glimpse of what prosperity preachers act and talk like when not prepared to answer tough questions.
After Guerrero confronted Copeland about his flying habits, she offered the 82-year-old a chance to catch his breath and collect his thoughts. Copeland brushed off the gracious offer. Leaning over the door of a Cadillac Escalade, he quickly jumped into character and explained why he needs multiple private jets to preach the gospel effectively and how a billionaire’s lifestyle is just part of God’s prosperous plan for those who believe in him.

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