The necessity of Peace

By Patrick Dele Cole

ISLAM has once changed, tolerating and teaching non moslems: mathematics, physics, astronomy, geometry, music, art – these influences smoothen the rougher edges of any religion.

It would seem that Islamic fundamentalism was a revival of aspects of Islam – but that revival should not send us back to darkness. Fundamental Christian evangelism is in some respects a fear that the essence of that religion needs protection and reinvigoration. But it cannot and must not advocate violence and death as part of the revivalist dogma.

Women drive cars in Saudi Arabia instead of milking camels as before; there are cinemas, the digital technological age has arrived in the world and would change it beyond recognition: if only we can find leaders like Mandela, Nujoma, Lee Kwan Yu, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, De Galle, Clement Richard Attlee, Helmut Smut, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, Pope John XXIII; Yitzhak Rabin to begin and sustain the discourse and dialogue for peaceful coexistence.

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