Weak Christianity is killing west

by  Selwyn Duke

They’re from arguably the most anti-Christian part of the West, and they have a message: A lack of robust Christianity is killing the West.

The warning was issued on Herland Report TV, where journalist Hanne Nabintu Herland interviewed fellow Scandinavian Iben Thranholm. “The general theme of the episode is that Western values have become almost entirely materialistic in essence,” commentator Raymond Ibrahim reports. As a result, Westerners are seeking purpose and meaning.

They’re finding it, too: in New Age or pagan age beliefs — and Islam.

“Because pure materialism is ultimately dissatisfying — ‘man shall not live on bread alone’ — more and more Western people are turning to any number of metaphysical ideologies, from Islam to paganism — anything, as long as it’s not Christianity,” Ibrahim continues. “Because many of these ideologies are intrinsically hostile to Christianity, Western culture, which was founded on Christian principles, has become suicidal — hence the current situation, especially in Europe.”

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