Al Jazeera suspends journalists for Holocaust denial video

_107028872_3ba46364-c46d-4a3c-9ab4-3e4af089107bSource: BBC News

Al Jazeera has suspended two journalists over a video they produced that denied the facts of the Holocaust.

The Qatari state-funded broadcaster had published the video on its online AJ+ video service in Arabic.

During World War Two, six million Jewish people were systematically killed by the Nazis.

Al Jazeera’s video said this number had been exaggerated and “adopted by the Zionist movement”, and that Israel is the “biggest winner” from the genocide.

Its narrator also asked, “why is there a focus only on them?” – referring to the Jewish victims – before claiming that the community uses “financial resources [and] media institutions” to “put a special spotlight” on Jewish suffering.

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