Church offered to ‘cover up’ Jesus for Ramadan

Source:The Times

By Nicholas Hellen

 A Church of England vicar has provoked controversy by organising a celebration to mark the Muslim fast of Ramadan in a parish church.

Men who worship at a nearby mosque were invited to pray in the aisle of the church, while Muslim women were offered space in adjoining rooms.

They were told that a cross and a well-known devotional image of Jesus, a copy of The Light of the World by the pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt, would be covered up.

Jesus freize

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1 reply

  1. That is so considerate of him! Probably because he know that Muslims cannot pray in front of images, etc. Therefore it’s nothing offensive in his offer.

    God bless this vicar.

    People should not take offense as while we Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet, we bow down to no image or statue (no mosque will have such a thing); only to the ALMIGHTY!

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