Where is Saddam Hussain ?

Editor’s Note:      PLEASE forgive me, this thought just came to my mind.


It is well known that Saddam Hussain was a brutal dictator.

While he did not kill as many Iraqis as were killed after his ‘rule’, he did kill quite a few of his real or imagined enemies, including many innocent civilians.

BUT … when he was hanged the words of ‘ Ash’hado Allah illa’ha illalla wa Ash’hado Anna Mohammadan rasul’ullah’

(I declare that Allah is One and that Mohammad (sas) is His Prophet)

Therefore, I now wonder:


Did his recitation of our declaration of faith save him from hell?

Well, we will not know until we will reach to the next life.

When I will have the chance I think I will ask the angels who hopefully will receive me.





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