A Friend to Israel, and to Bigots: Viktor Orban’s ‘Double Game’ on Anti-Semitism

merlin_150470526_3e98045b-7bf3-48c8-a846-a64ad40c36cb-jumboSource: The New York Times

BUDAPEST — In late November, the office of Hungary’s far-right prime minister, Viktor Orban, announced it would donate $3.4 million to causes fighting anti-Semitism in Europe.

The next day, a magazine controlled by Mr. Orban’s lawyer devoted its cover to an image depicting Andras Heisler, the leader of Hungary’s largest Jewish organization, showered with bank notes. Jewish groups across the world swiftly denounced the cover as anti-Semitic.

Mr. Orban refused to criticize the magazine. It was a vivid example of how the Hungarian leader has both opposed and implicitly condoned anti-Semitism — sometimes in the same week.

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