I Am the Rabbi of Tree of Life Synagogue. Here Is a Simple Thing We All Can Do to Help Stop the Next Christchurch

image (3)Source: Time

Myers is the Rabbi of Tree of Life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I am a victim, a witness and a survivor of the worst massacre in the history of the American Jewish community, and I am the Rabbi of Tree of Life in Pittsburgh.

In the time since the tragedy there, I sometimes find it challenging to separate personal, subjective feelings from being objective due to my presence there that day. As a leader in my community, what words of wisdom can be offered that are not tinged with my own grief, borne of both my experiences and the deep loss that I feel for 11 beautiful souls martyred in our synagogue?

The massacre in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, tore the scab off the wound, revealing pain and suffering that I thought I had processed. That day, and subsequent days, taught me that I will forever carry with me October 27, 2018 — when my own place of worship was attacked — and be regularly reminded of it. But they also taught me that what I do with these deep-seated feelings is my choice to make. I know there are times when the narrative is in charge, and yet other times when I can try to effectively direct that narrative.

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