India: Ahmadiyya Muslim Women (Lajna Imaillah) Shimoga host a successful Interfaith Conference on Peace

Shimoga, March 31, 2019:

This summer in Shimoga, a City in Karnataka, South India, had flavours of different faiths speaking the anthem of peace by their respective religions.

India: Ahmadiyya Muslim Women (Lajna Imaillah) Shimoga host a successful Interfaith Conference on Peace

Ahmadiyya Muslim Women (Lajna Imaillah) Shimoga hosted a successful Interfaith Conference on Peace

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Shimoga’s Womens Auxiliary called Lajna Imaillah hosted a successful Interfaith Conference on Peace for women on 31 March 2019.

It was organized at a renowned landmark called “Karnataka Sangha”.

It was their (Lajna Imaillah’s) part of annual program to mark “International Women’s Day” and hence the “Interfaith conference on peace” was planned.

Presided by the Sadr Lajna Imaillah Mohtaram Amtul Rasheed Mubeen of Shimoga the program started at 2:30 Pm in afternoon on Sunday the 31st March 2019.

Chief guests at the event were:

  • Mohtarama Amtul Raheem Mazhar (District President women’s auxiliary, Shimoga)
  • Mrs Dr Pavitra K.S a renowned Orator and Pyschiatrist
  • Guest speaker for Hinduism Kumari Brahmakumari Anusooyaji
  • Speaker on Christianity Mrs k.Vimala Dhanraj
  • Speaker for Sikkism Mrs Jagadish Kaur
  • Speaker for Jainism Mrs Prabha Anil Jain and
  • Dr Syeda Amtul Haseeba, the speaker for Islam

The event started with recitation of The Holy Qur’an, followed by the Urdu and Kannada Translations.

Next, a poem praising The Holy Prophet of Islam was recited by the Lajna


Guests praised our community were very appreciative of the fact that even women in this society are striving towards establishment of peace, and they commented saying:
“Today’s women have to start peace initiatives right from their homes, it is then we can bring an effective change in the society.”


The exhibit showed about 36 language translations of the Holy Quran

There was The Holy Quran Exhibition of about 36 different language translations and a stall of free leaflets and literature (books).

Indeed this event was a huge success and praised by all. May Almighty Allah bless one and all who have contributed to make this event a success, Aamin

About the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community:
Ahmadi Muslims are those who believe in the Promised Messiah His Holiness Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as). Founded in 1889, this Community spans more than 212 countries with membership exceeding tens of millions. It is the leading Islamic organisation to categorically reject terrorism in every form. It advocates for universal human rights and protection for all religions and even atheists. It champions empowerment and education of women. Its members are among the most law-abiding, peaceful, educated and engaging Muslims in the world – striving to spread peace.

Motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: Love for All, Hatred for None

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