What caused the clergy sex abuse crisis? Catholic universities are pushing for debate on the answer.


Source: The Washington Post

March 27

The Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis is caused by a too-fawning deference to clerics called “clericalism.” Or a failure to guard against the sleazy culture outside the church. Or a moral relativism that denies one “truth.” Or gay priests. Or a warped bureaucratic structure that’s kind of like the Mafia.

U.S. Catholics know they are in the thick of a clergy sexual abuse crisis, but that’s where agreement ends. When the abuse topic exploded in the church in the early 2000s, everyone knew the focus was stopping the shuffling around and coverup of priests abusing children.

In 2019, there’s a void. With that lack of consensus, many parish priests are saying little about the crisis.

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  1. Yes, a much needed debate.

    I would say probably two points are important: (1) the celibacy issue. If priests were married they would have a ‘normal’ sex life (2) the priests being able to ‘forgive each other’s sins’. Easy way out. Without this most likely less ‘sinning’ would have been done. (Correct or am I right?)

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