Peace symposium held as police investigate Islamic center threat

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – A call for peace among all faiths happened at the state capitol on Wednesday.

It comes just days after a local Islamic center received a disturbing call.

Now, there will be an increased police presence a the Muhammad Islamic Center of Greater Hartford.

The imam told Channel 3 that the caller wanted the place to burn.

While police investigated, a peace symposium is planned not far away in Hartford.

This also comes after Muslims were targeted during mass shootings at two mosques in New Zealand earlier this month.

Fifty were killed and another 50 were injured.

“Islam teaches us that we need to get along, and of course now there’s even more hatred, even more violence and horror happening, and we need to do more of these events to bring people together,” said Wajid Danish Ahmed, of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim community is based in Meriden and hosted the peace conference, inviting a melting pot of people to learn more about each other.

“We encounter all the time, Muslims, Christians, Jews all want the same thing, which is to promote a sense of well being a sense of cooperation and harmony in society,” said Rabbi Jim Rosen, from Beth El Temple in West Hartford.

Wajid Ahmed said he vividly remembers an attack on his mosque, the Baitul Aman in Meriden, in 2015.

Ever since, the community holds the peace symposium in March to bring people of all faiths together to build trust and understanding.

Organizers called this year no different.

With recent attacks and threats made on houses of worship, they said the event is needed now more than ever.

The Jewish community has experienced hatred for centuries, and anti-Semitism continues to plague our cities and towns.

Rosen said people who have been targeted by hatred should join together.

Faiqa Syeda was born in Pakistan, lived in Canada, and recently moved to Connecticut.

“A lot of Americans have never met a Muslim. We do this campaign every Tuesday where we have invited people to come out have coffee with us and learn about Islam,” Syeda said.


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