Muslim parliamentarian sits in public section of parliament to comply with Geneva dress code


Recently introduced rules in Geneva prevent people in public office wearing religious symbols at work.

© Hai Huy Ton That |

This week, Sabine Tiguemounine, a parliamentarian from the Green party, decided to sit in the public section of Geneva’s parliament during a parliamentary sitting, rather than break the new rules by entering the main hall wearing her religious head scarf.

Her party is currently challenging the legality of the new legislation in Geneva’s constitutional court on the grounds that the ban is contrary to federal laws guaranteeing freedom of religion.

In an interview on Radio Lac Tiguemounine said that while she’s disappointed that the law came into effect so quickly before the conclusion of the constitutional court, she respects the canton’s democratic institutions.

In April 2018, the government of Geneva introduced new rules designed to further protect religious freedom and preserve religious neutrality in its public institutions, known as laïcité or secularity laws. Laïcité is enshrined in article 3 of Geneva’s constitution and requires the state to be secular and separate from religion.

Geneva’s parliament was in favour of the new rules by 63 to 25, with 3 abstentions, according to RTS. However, some voters weren’t happy with the result and a referendum was run on 10 February 2019 with the aim of reversing the changes, however, the law was accepted by 55% of voters.


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  1. silly rules, childish rules. It seems Europe has forgotten its own culture and history, after all there is no picture of Virgin Mary without a head covering.

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