None arrested over attacks on Ahmadiyyas yet

Our Correspondent . Panchagarh | Published: 16:59, Feb 18,2019 |

Homesteads of Ahmadiyya Muslims are burnt by religious bigots in Panchagarh’s Ahmadnagar on Tuesday night. — New Age file photo

Six days inside the attack on Ahmadiyya Muslims at Ahmadnagar of Panchagarh, police is yet to arrest any of the attackers.

Police filed two cases accusing unidentified people — one for attacking police and obstructing state duties and another for creating anarchy.

Investigation officers are also assigned for the cases but there is no development yet, said Panchagarh police officer-in-cage Abu Akkas Ahmed.

The five-member probe committee formed to look into the attack on houses and shops of the Ahmadiyyas at Ahmadnagar is yet to submit report, said Panchagarh deputy commissioner Sabina Yasmin.

Additional district magistrate Ehtesham Reza is heading committee and it was asked to submit its report within three days.

On February 12, more than 50 people sustained injuries and properties of Ahmadiyya Muslims were burnt when local bigots went on a rampage at Ahmadnagar.

The attack was carried out ahead of the national convention of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Bangladesh scheduled to be held from February 22 at Ahmadnagar.

After the attack, Panchagarh district administration had also cancelled permission to hold Ahmadiyya convention at Ahmadnagar.

The bigots under the banner of Khatm-e-Nabuwat Sangrakkhan Parishad were carrying out smear campaign across the district and organised people from various areas. Similar campaigns were carried out by some other groups supported by Hefazat-e Islam chief Shah Ahmad Shafi Zunaid Babunagari — Iman Akida Rakkha Committee, Islami Juba Samaj and Tauhidi Janata, said the Ahmadiyyas.

The Hefazat-e-Islam, a qoumi madrasah-based organisation, and various platforms of Khatm-e-Nabuwat are asking the government to declare the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslims.


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