It shouldn’t have taken a report from outside the Muslim community for Tory Islamophobia to be taken seriously

Source: Independent

Hope Not Hate’s analysis is welcome. But it often feels that to be a Muslim in this day and age is a constant battle to prove your humanity and loyalty to the country

By Mohammad Zaheer; @mzaheer88

After an internal inquiry by the Tory party – prompted by outrage over then foreign secretary Boris Johnson comparing women in burqas to “letterboxes” and “bank robbers” – found the comments to be “respectful and tolerant”, it should come as no surprise that a leading anti-racism charity has accused the Conservatives of failing to take complaints of Islamophobia against their members seriously.

To assert that the Tories were “in denial” about the extent of the rot within their ranks would be giving the benefit of the doubt to a party that seems to have written off British Muslims, and through inaction and indifference, signalled that engaging in it was acceptable conduct.

Leading Muslim groups and politicians, including Baroness Warsi, have long been calling for a full independent inquiry into Tory Islamophobia, but have always been rebuffed. It would be a bittersweet development if one is finally carried out now, since it would have required an intervention by a prominent charity from outside the Muslim community for any meaningful action to be taken.

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