Investigation opens into attack on Ahmadiyya Muslims in Panchagarh, Bangladesh


Believers, be the supporters of justice and testify to what you may have witnessed, for the sake of God, even against yourselves, parents, and relatives; whether it be against the rich or the poor. God must be given preference over them. Let not your desires cause you to commit injustice. If you deviate from the truth in your testimony, or decline to give your testimony at all, know that God is Well Aware of what you do. (Al Quran 4:135/136)


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Probe opens into attack on Ahmadiyyas in Panchagarh

Source: Panchagarh Correspondent,

Published: 14 Feb 2019 01:03 AM BdST

The authorities have launched an investigation into the attack on the Ahmadiyya community in Panchagarh town.

Additional District Magistrate is heading a five-member panel formed for the investigation on Wednesday, Panchagarh Deputy Commissioner Sabina Yeasmin told

The committee has been given three days to submit a report.

At least 21 people were injured when followers of several religious organisations attacked shops and houses belonging to members of the Ahmadiyya community on Tuesday night.

The attack followed growing resentment among Sunni groups about a ‘Jalsha’ or annual convention planned by the minority Ahmadiyyas.

Faced with the protests from conservative groups, the district authorities after a series of meetings had cancelled the three-day programmer that had been scheduled to start in Ahmadnagar on Feb 22.

But followers of the Sunni groups under the banners of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Songrokkhon Parishad, Iman Akida Raksha Committee, Islami Jubo Samaj and local Towhidi Janata descended on the streets of Ahmadnagar, the part of the town where members of the minority Muslim sect have their homes and businesses.

Police fired teargas shells and rubber bullets to bring back order.

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  1. بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
    The Holy Quran clearly says لا اکراہ فی الدین There is no compulsion in the matter of Religion and further Holy Quran says لکم دین کم ولی دین For you your Religion and for me mine, Nowhere in the Holy Quran has permitted to thrust your believes upon others, so with what authority, so Called Majlis Tahaffz-e-Nabuwwat is preventing to a prophet of God to be raised? Who has given this responsibility to take on their shoulders, especially in a secular Society?
    I think, it is the weakness of Bangladesh Government also, which in-spite of the fact is Secular Government, where all the citizen have equal rights in the eyes of State, the Government failed to discharge its responsibilities not only to prevent the mob, but also to see into it that our Jalsa Salana, which is a peaceful event all over the World for the Lost 125 years are even more, should be held on the land of the Bangladesh and there shouldn’t be any harm to any Ahmadi Muslim. Government where ever willing could have well control of the mob i.e. a couples of years ago the same government have hanged the members of so called Jama’at Islami ( Maudoodi Party) having full control in the country.
    It is good, however, to know that the Government of Bangladesh has prob into the matter, and it is hoped, that the Government will do full justice and will crush the culprits with full force of the Law.
    If the Bangladesh is going to follow the foot prints of Pakistan, to declaring Ahmadi Muslims as non-Muslims in there Constitution, it should learn the lesson of the History that what Allah did with Pakistan since it has declared Ahmadi Muslims as non Muslims for the sake of Constitution? Even a loaf of bread have been snatched from the poor lot of the country and it lagged behind even from Bangladesh. Hope that the Government of Bangladesh hoist its Flag of secularism high in the World.
    It may be pointed out that Islam’s approach towards other Religion is also Secular.
    Zarif Ahmad

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