In Arab Nation, Christians, Buddhists and Jews Emerge to Worship

b3-cx374_uaerel_m_20190116145456Source: The Wall Street Journal

DUBAI—Every Friday, on the fourth floor of a hotel conference center in this Arab business hub, several thousand Christians arrive to worship in two-hour shifts at what may be the world’s best-hidden megachurch.

There is no sign outside the center to guide people to Fellowship. The Protestant congregation sprang up roughly a decade ago in a place where Islam is the official religion, non-Muslim practice has long been closely monitored and sanctioned church buildings are limited and regulated.

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  1. In Jordan the churches are/were always very visible and in the center of the towns. Absolutely no discrimination is/was visible. In Baghdad also I saw churches, although as I was there during the American occupation the Iraqi army had to/did protect the churches. But again, they were not ‘hiding’.

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