India: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Shimoga Organizes Book Stall in Sahyadri Utsav – A Report

Courtesy: Syed B.M.Ahmad Afzal, President,
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Shimoga, Karnatka, India


The AHMADIYYA Muslim Jamaath, Shivamogga,  Karnataka, India organized a Book Stall at Sahyadri Utsav (an event organized by District Administration and Tourism,  Shivamogga District).


This event was organized after 10 years and a daily Float of more than 50000 public from all walks of life.


It was a 4 Days event and Alhamdolilliah we received a very good response by the visitors.


Our Stall projected solely on Holy Prophet saw and had Exhibition of Holy Quran with 36 Translation, and The Book World Crisis and Pathway to Peace was promoted conveying message of Peace by Huzoor Aqdas.

2 Almost every visitor had opinion that this Stall is of one of its kind and appreciated us about our contribution towards propagating peace.

6 Leaflets and books were distributed.

We request all to pray that May Allah swt grant Hidayah to all in recognizing True Islam – The Islam Ahmadiyya.

— End of Report —

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